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Where are you going?

I love my country.
I hate the politics.
I despise the spin doctoring.

I’m glad that through the hard work and struggles, I am able to give to my kids a home and hope. 
But I worry for them and the next generation.

I worry that there is too much competition. That they dont know where to go or what to do next. 
Someone sold them the idea that if you study hard, get good grades, you will have a good career. But things have changed. 
The economy has changed. Costs of living gone up. There are no iron rice bowls.

The little that you want to save in a bank gets no interest rate. In fact leaving money in the bank means losing money with inflation. Costs of houses is phenomenal. How can the youth earn enough to start a family?

The little that you try to save by ordering online is soon to be taxed. They tell you to study hard in this subject and there will be jobs for you. But there arent.

So what can you do?

I say take a risk. Go after your dreams
Dream big audacious dreams and pursue them.
Screw the politicians that tell you that you need to play it safe. 
Screw those that say you’ll only be an employee, just work the 9-5 and earn enough. 
You are young, go all in, Take the risk you can make it.

When you make it, not if, you will make those around you proud. You wont fail, because either way you would have gained life experiences. And dont be jealous of those that overcame the hardships to make it in life. Celebrate them because when you need an example during the hard times look at them.

Ignore those that never started anything but want to give you advice. 
I made it to the double commas, not from listening to people like them. I made it by ignoring them.

I love my country.
I hate the politics
I despise the spin doctoring
But I love to see you succeed.


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