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The Challenge

WOH HUP is a large construction company with a lasting legacy. Having had a long history, it was aiming to build a younger management team that would lead the company to future success. However, it needed these managers to not just have leadership skills and technical knowledge, but to also be familiar with the safety aspect of the work at hand. The client wanted to develop further its safety culture and the employees’ good behaviour on site.

Our services were engaged to assist in this endeavour, because we are the foremost experts in positive safety in Asian and Middle Eastern companies.

Client Goals

The client wanted to develop fresh and strong managers who were well-informed regarding safety issues in the work place. This is most important for a construction company to consider as hazard incidents not only affect the plan of operations, but also diminish the integrity of the company. This is simply unacceptable for a company such as WOH HUP.

The Solution

Awakening the Leader in You™ is our trademarked programme that has already helped countless workers from different companies realize their individual potential and how this could help them achieve the company’s overall goals. Working with the client, we refined the programme to best suit their needs. So, the participants not only learned how to be effective leaders, but also how to become ambassadors of safety in the work place. We made them realize that leaders see the value and benefits of having a positive safety culture.

Key Focus

We worked towards the objective of making people so good at what they do that others are able to respect their leadership. Leaders should lead by example, so if they notice an issue in the work place, they must actively work to address it.

The Results

Due to our intervention, the client was able to establish a good and effective management that strongly believed in a safety culture.


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