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Singapore LNG Terminals – PEIR REVIEW on CULTURE

Singapore LNG Terminals – PEIR REVIEW on CULTURE

The Challenge

Singapore LNG Corporation Pte Ltd (SLNG) is a Singapore government-owned entity under the Energy Market Authority (EMA). Samsung C&T was awarded the engineering, procurement and construction contract for the building of the LNG Terminals on a 40-hectare plot located at the southern tip of Jurong Island. The initial plan was to build two tanks and one jetty, but this was expanded to more tanks and a secondary jetty.

The project was a major undertaking that has implications on Singapore’s ambitions to become the principal LNG hub in the Asia region and, consequently, a world market leader in LNG storage and trade. Because operations needed to go as smoothly as possible, the client engaged our services as experts in safety culture specializing in multicultural Asian and Middle Eastern companies such as them. The communication strategies that we employ are able to transcend culture, language and nationalities.

Client Goals

The client wanted to evaluate the project in order to uncover any hidden issues that could adversely affect the start-up and operations of the terminals. The ultimate goal was to have a safe and timely start-up that boasted of zero hazard incidents due to the diligence of the people involved in the project.

The Solution

We met with top management to understand their goals and objectives. This was part of our structured process that we designed which outlines who we needed to talk to and what we needed to outright observe. We also had site walks and interviews with the site team, construction team and contractors. In this way, we really got to know our client well and were able to assess the core issues at hand. This approach was also relevant to the achievement of the client’s objectives. From there, we were able to develop customized treatments that would lead to the successful outcome that the client desired.

Key Focus

It was imperative that we were able to truly expose the behavioural and cultural issues that were present at the work place and pervasive among the construction team. These often overlooked aspects of operations can greatly affect the results of any undertaking, and for one as large and important as the SLNG Terminals, it was simply a risk that could not be taken.

The Results

The SLNG Terminals were successfully completed without lost time and delays. A part of this accomplishment can be attributed to the work that our team had done with the employees and contractors where we emphasized the importance of having a safety culture. This attitude became widespread throughout the organisation and such a positive momentum was carried through to the end of the operations.

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