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Shell Eastern Petroleum Complex – Trainee Safety Advisor Programme 2008-2010

Shell Eastern Petroleum Complex – Trainee Safety Advisor Programme  2008-2010

The Challenge

In Singapore, there was a significant lack of competent safety supervisors stemming from the boom of construction activities in the region. When Shell undertook a mega construction project at its Bukom Refinery and Chemical Complex on Jurong Island, its management identified a pressing need to increase the company’s pool of trained safety professionals. Hence, we were engaged as consultants on the project being proven experts in safety culture specializing in workers from Asia and the Middle East.

Client Goals

Safety is a priority at Shell. The client’s main objective was to design and implement a programme that would result in motivated safety supervisory personnel. They would be expected to maintain the high safety standards of the company, and develop and promote a strong safety culture.

Our Solution

The Trainee Safety Advisor Programme (TSAP) aims to equip motivated individuals to become qualified and competent training professionals. The comprehensive programme consists of basic teaching modules that cover topics from workplace safety and health issues to the latest relevant legislations that trainers need to be familiar with.  We provide mentoring to the trainers while keeping in mind the client’s requirements.

The TSAP legitimizes the safety profession as a challenging yet meaningful career. The Trainee Safety Advisors (TSAs) shall be able to already establish a positive safety culture through their active interventions and fieldwork while still undergoing training. The trainees receive a salary throughout the course with the expectation of full-time employment upon completion of the programme.

Accreditation through the TSAP can be attained in 12 to 16 months. It is already considered as a full-time course that is comparable to four years spent in other safety courses.

Key Focus

TSAs are exposed to both classroom and hands-on training at Shell sites to make the experience realistic and practical. This ensures that the participants are transformed into competent safety supervisors who will greatly contribute to the growth of the industry towards world-class safety performance.

The Results

The TSAP created jobs and helped develop the local skill pool of safety personnel through comprehensive classroom and on-the-job training. In turn, this raised the standards of safety and health in the Singapore construction industry.


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