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Shell Eastern Petroleum Complex – SCOT & BUGIS Projects – TSAP Programme 2

Shell Eastern Petroleum Complex – SCOT & BUGIS Projects – TSAP Programme 2

The Challenge

The success of the Houdini project and the TSAP programme we implemented for it generated positive reviews. For their subsequent projects, the client wanted to recreate what we have previously accomplished as safety culture experts for Asian and Middle Eastern companies including Shell.

The SCOT and BUGIS projects were small, compact and fast-paced operations. Our programme would be involving 14 trainees only.

Client Goals

The client wanted to have a safe turnaround for these projects, too. It was important that any actions we were to do must not result in delays or loss of time.

The Solution

We used the same principles and foundations that were applied in the Houdini TSAP curriculum, but we customized it to suit the new projects better. Notably, we included the development of soft skills in the controlled management of the trainees. We had planned sessions of outdoor activities. Also, the mentors did not just have shadow trainees who arbitrarily followed them, but they already had set daily and weekly plans for outdoor work.

Key Focus

Our guiding principle for the TSAP programme is encapsulated in the old adage: Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish and he eats for life. We teach our trainees how to run the operations themselves, so they become better informed and more engaged future supervisors.

The Results

The results pleased the client greatly. A large percentage of the trainees under the TSAP became so successful that they became employed directly under Shell instead of contractors.


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