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Shell Eastern Petroleum Complex – SCOT-BUGIS Projects Supervisory Skills Coaching

The Challenge

At the beginning of the SCOT-BUGIS projects, there was a shortage of identifiable supervisors who possessed leadership skills and could act as good leaders. Though these projects were smaller in scope than the highly-successful Houdini project at the Shell Eastern Petroleum Complex, there was still a clear need for a new set of professionals to fulfill the requirements of the endeavour as many of the veteran supervisors were occupied with other tasks or contracts.

As we were invaluable to the success of the Houdini project, the client again sought our services as a premier consultant for improving corporate culture in Asia and Middle Eastern companies such as Shell.

Client Goals

The client aimed to have a near-perfect turnaround that did not result in any negative safety incidents. It was also important for them that the programme should not cause any delays in operations or any loss of time, because they were working on a very tight schedule.

The Solution

Our customized consulting approach led us to first review where the supervisors and managers currently were and where they needed to be in terms of the skills and knowledge that they held. We designed workshops with follow-up coaching sessions during lunch that did not interrupt their every day work schedule.

Key Focus

We focused on providing the supervisors and managers with great leadership and supervisory skills that they can utilize in accomplishing their jobs in the SCOT-BUGIS projects. In this manner, we would be able to get them to contribute directly to the projects and to their respective companies.

The Results

Due to our customized programme, the supervisors and managers gained important skills that would be necessary to lead any projects they may embark on to success.

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