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Shell Eastern Petroleum Complex – Hearts and Minds Programme 2007-2010

Shell Eastern Petroleum Complex – Hearts and Minds Programme 2007-2010

The Challenge

In October 2006, the Shell Eastern Petroleum Complex (SEPC) began construction work on a mega project dubbed the Houdini, which is currently its largest petrochemicals investment. The project had a total work force of 13,000 people working across three different sites.

The supervisors were faced with the challenge of getting their workers to deliver results while maintaining high standards of quality, safety and productivity. However, the workers were relatively new and the supervisors who had already been groomed to provide training were occupied with other projects.

On top of the looming deadlines and budgets that had to be managed, SEPC was also greatly concerned about the safety of its employees. As specialists in establishing positive safety culture in companies across the Asia and Middle East region, the client sought our assistance in working out the proper response to their predicament.

Client Goals

The client wanted to provide their supervisors and middle management with the leadership tools they need to achieve the company’s objectives. It was also important that contractors and individuals develop ownership for the projects that they work on.

Our Solution

Our Winning Hearts and Minds™ programme was implemented all throughout the Houdini project. It is a globally-recognised programme that was developed in conjunction with Energy Institute (UK). Contractors were encouraged to develop trainers from their own supervisory staff. It stands to reason that the best trainers would be those from the contractors themselves, because they could relate well to one another. Hence, trainers were enlisted from the contractors and were provided with the necessary skills for them to conduct their own workshops under our guidance.

Key Focus

It was important that we invoked in the workers the passion and desire to do the right thing. By giving them the right tools, they would be able to effectively pursue their defined objectives. Additionally, as a member of the company, they can share these learnings with others so that they can be winners, too.

The Results

As an effect of the implementation of the programme, contractors were able to take ownership of their projects and utilize the materials and training they gained for their own workshops. The contractors recognized the benefits of improving their work culture and the attitudes of their people, resulting in an overall positive change in the culture of the whole project. A strong bond was formed among individuals from different companies, which contributed to the mega success of the project.

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