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Shell Eastern Petroleum Complex – Bukom Turnaround 2009 (TA2)

The Challenge

In September 2009, Bukom experienced a major turnaround that lasted 90 days. With the arrival of an additional 2,000 workers into a live refinery, the management turned to us to provide a custom solution given our established track record of assisting in the successful turnaround of companies in the Asia and Middle East region.

Client Goals

The management wanted to conduct a successful turnaround with safety as its core element. It was also essential that any intervention that we were to embark on would not result in any delays in the planned schedule or loss of time.

The Solution

Awakening the Leader in You™ is one of our trademarked consulting packages that helps people bring out the best in themselves and those they work with, turning them into active agents of change in the work place. In collaboration with the client, we refined the programme to cater to their specific needs by analyzing the status quo and proposing how we could get the supervisors and contractors from simply good to great.

Key Focus

Our guiding principle was encapsulated in the phrase:  You See It, You Own It, You Fix It. Individuals had to become aware that change will not happen unless they themselves initiated it. By being the leaders of transformation, they become excellent workers that others would like to follow and emulate

The Results

The turnaround was a success. It was completed on time without any delays. Insights from the management and employees revealed that the outcome was most likely a direct result of the positive training of supervisors as leaders on the field.

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