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Shell Eastern Petroleum Complex – Accredited Training Provider 2007-2010

Shell Eastern Petroleum Complex – Accredited Training Provider 2007-2010

The Challenge

The sudden boom in the construction industry meant that the Shell Eastern Petroleum Complex (SEPC) had to increase marine conversions and plans for new builds. This required the hiring of more workers to fulfill the work that was needed to be done and training centres quickly became overwhelmed. In addition, the many skilled trainers and professionals being tapped as resources for these trainings were involved in other activities or engaged with other companies. This resulted in a large demand for training with only a short supply that could be provided. Hence, the training system was experiencing bottlenecks in its processes.

Client Goals

The client aimed to reduce these existing bottlenecks for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) and their contractors without sacrificing the quality of training being provided on site. It was imperative that the high standards of Shell would continuously be met. To address these issues, the client turned to us given our expertise in handling successful turnarounds for companies in Asia and the Middle East.

Our Solution

Working together with SEPC, we reevaluated the induction programme currently being employed in the client’s two projects ECG and MEG. A reworked programme was proposed and set for accreditation with the Ministry of Manpower. The application was approved with the new induction being recognized as at par with the national level.

Key Focus

It was important for us to create an outcome that was a win-win solution for both the clients and their contractors, as both parties are mutually dependent on each other. In developing the new programme, we were not only concerned with its basic mandatory requirements or the programme itself. We went beyond and considered all the possible implications of the its execution, and looked at future issues and challenges that might ensue. The forward outlook that we take on assures the client of the long-term success of the project in which they will continue to reap the benefits of what we have done for them for an extended period of time.

The Results

This project’s achievement was the first accredited training centre for CBI Toyo and Foster Wheeler. The client was also impressed with the two weeks’ worth of savings as a consequence of the reduction in lag time for workers to be certified. Moreover, we updated the safety training being provided to the workers so as to be relevant, comprehensive and within the acceptable standards of SEPC.

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