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Shell Eastern Petroleum – Alignment Workshops and Coaching

Shell Eastern Petroleum – Alignment Workshops and Coaching

The Challenge

When they first started working on mutual projects, the relationships among Shell, Chiyoda, the EPCM and third-party contractors were being tested. Before we stepped in, their interactions were counter-productive and the lack of safety culture undoubtedly posed a risk to the projects.

As leading consultants for the establishing of positive safety culture in companies in Asia and the Middle East, we understand that harmful work place behaviours could cost a company valuable time, resources and money. We work to ensure that all personnel operate to their maximum potential, achieving gains for the company and for their individual selves.

Client Goals

The client wanted to achieve a safe turnaround without any loss of time and incident of delays. So, they were pleased to be able to tap our expertise once more as they had already done several times for other Shell initiatives.

The Solution

We worked with the Shell and Chiyoda HSE managers to align their goals with one another. This ensured that everyone had the same optimistic visions for the project and were employing similar methods that would not counteract each other. It was crucial that we also looked at the challenges they were facing in order to plan the appropriate solutions.

From there, we designed personality tests to assess the attitudes of the people we were working with. We crafted and facilitated a team-building exercise that took people out of the work place and allowed them to discover their true selves. In this way, we affected change first by beginning it in the individual. We proceeded to letting them form small teams to carry out activities, and then to bigger teams. A the end, we had just one united team that represented the project itself.

Key Focus

The guiding principle of our programme can be found in the phrase: You See It, You Own It, You Fix It. This makes people accountable and directly responsible for the results of the projects that they were involved in. Without such ownership, a unified corporate culture cannot be formed as people only think of themselves and the effects of their actions as they are personally beneficial. By making people recognize the others around them who are also invaluable to the project, they become more open to others’ ideas, opinions and even corrections.

The Results

The turnaround was successfully completed on time and without delays as the client wanted. Upon surveying the participants in the programme and other stakeholders, they unanimously felt that the training we provided the supervisors was key to achieving this commendable outcome.

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