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Saudi Arabia – TA Flying Squad 2009-2010

Saudi Arabia – TA Flying Squad 2009-2010

The Challenge

One of the largest and most well-known plants in Saudi Arabia was experiencing a major turnaround. Over 2,000 workers would be working round-the-clock to get the plant running once more. Being a leading expert in safety culture in Asia and the Middle East, the company engaged our services to assist in managing the additional workers who are from different countries and are of diverse nationalities. They would be led by a new set of supervisory staff who will be working under these difficult conditions.

Client Goals

The client sought to have a safe and efficient turnaround that will not cause any delays in the planned work schedule. They also wished to establish a work environment that addressed the unique requirements of a multicultural labor force.

Our Solution

For this challenge, we applied our structured 360Consulting™ approach. This service involved analyzing the client’s needs and proposing initial solutions. Then, a core team of experts were tapped and quickly flown over to the location. This was comprised of 14 professionals who were all well-equipped to handle the situation and supervise the works that would be done for 24 hours every day.

We established a firm foundation for the corporate revolution that we were undertaking by first creating the change in the individual employee mindset. Our trademarked programme Winning Hearts and Minds™ encourages employee initiative in which people become more willing to go the extra mile to come up with solutions to issues in the work place. In doing so, we were able to advance a unified culture that maximizes worker potential and productivity.

During our intervention, we struck a balance between focusing on traditional measures for compliance and actively correcting people as they went about doing their work routine. We utilized our Sentinel™ solution, which was customized for the client, to track data and analyze trends in work processes. The software complements existing routines by enhancing and making them more efficient. It also provides information relevant in the management of resources, inventory and worksites making it a truly valuable asset in any operation.

Key Focus

It was important for us to provide leadership tools to the supervisory personnel that will allow them to assess the results vis-à-vis the management’s objectives. In addition, we wanted to achieve genuine improvements through the sincere commitments of workers, the supervisory staff and the management by being on the ground and intervening with respect and concern.

The Results

Through the combined efforts of the programmes we implemented among the work force, the company was able to accomplish a safe and successful turnaround that was completed two days ahead of schedule.

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