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Saudi Arabia – Awakening the Leader in You 2009-2010

Saudi Arabia – Awakening the Leader in You 2009-2010

The Challenge

It is a common belief that leadership skills cannot be taught, may it be in school or even at work. However, many people are thrust into situations where they have to lead others and accomplish the job that needs to be done.

SADAF experienced such a predicament when they hired new staff and supervisory personnel who must all be equipped with leadership skills. At the time, it was expected that the company would experience at least three turnarounds for the year, so the new employees had to be ready within a short period. To aid them in this endeavour, the company sought our help as experts in promoting positive safety culture in Asian and Middle Eastern contexts.

Client Goals

The client envisioned a work force that had one culture, with everyone sharing the same attitudes and perceptions. Consequently, the company’s purpose becomes aligned with those of the people working there as everyone works toward the same goals.

Our Solution

We utilized our trademarked programme Awakening the Leader in You™ and customized it to suit the client’s needs. For SADAF, we helped their supervisory staff better adapt to different situations and utilize the appropriate leadership styles as response. This improved their confidence in their own abilities, strengthened their relationships with their team members, and improved their drive to work towards the corporate goals.

Key Focus

In cultivating leadership skills, the focus is on the development of the individual. Through the programme, we were able to give people the right tools they needed to recognize and rouse the leader that has always been in themselves. Thus, employees take more pride in the accomplishments of the company knowing that they took part in making them happen. They already hold themselves more accountable for all the work they do without need for their supervisors to initiate such.

The Results

Due to the training programme, the goals of the company and the participants’ own personal goals became aligned. The employees realized that they were responsible for their own growth as well as that of the company, and they were eager to apply everything they learned and make use of their newly-developed skills to become a great leader to others.

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