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The Challenge

The Montara Venture FPSO was completed under Tanker Pacific Offshore. PTT Exploration & Production Public Company Ltd (PTTEP) acquired Coogee Resources including its assets and license to operate, thereby effectively becoming the operator.

A vessel was on its way to the wellhead platform for hook-ups when a blowout occurred on the platform. Oil, gas and the ensuing slick was released and continued leaking for 74 days into the Timor Sea. It is known as one of Australia’s worst oil disasters overshadowed only by the BP Gulf of Mexico incident the following year. This prompted the move to transform Australian drilling operations to incorporate stronger safety measures.

The Australian government, the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA), Indonesian authorities along with the public all voiced their concerns. PTTEP had to take massive steps to not only repair the damaged wellhead platform but to also ensure that the FPSO was up to specification and Safety Case requirements. The FPSO was sent back to Singapore with some of the work to be done in Indonesia and Thailand. The client acquired our services to assist in this endeavour as we are renowned experts in safety culture in Asia and the Middle East.

Client Goals

The FPSO had to meet the specs laid out. More importantly, there had to be a well-established safety culture of the operators and the construction team comprised of experts, shipyard personnel and other persons involved in the work or affected by the work.  The primary goal was to achieve a Perfect Day for every day of the operations.

The Solution

We mapped out what work was needed to be done in which country and by which organisations. Since we could not force the other companies to change their corporate cultures and beliefs, we instead created protective bubbles around the work to be done and the people involved in the project. We drove change through the construction team, the contractors’ workers andthe yard personnel.

One of the initiatives that we rolled out was the Small Steps, Big Change campaign, which sought to affect an overall change in the culture surrounding the project through small actions done by the individuals involved. These seemingly isolated and insignificant deeds taken all together will result in a great positive impact leading to the success of the project.

Key Focus

We worked with the people in order to educate them on the basics of safety as well as the benefits of working well. Getting a Perfect Day was essential, and everyone had to contribute their affirmative actions to achieve this goal.

The Results

More than one million safe man-hours was spent in completing the project with only four minor incidents reported. Due to our intervention, everyone understood the gravity of the project they were doing and aimed to do their work right.

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