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Project Sui Generis – Kajima & Chui Teng 2009

Project Sui Generis – Kajima & Chui Teng 2009


The Challenge

The tragic killing of an engineer in one of their meeting rooms shook the company. In reaction, the client intended to prioritize the safety of their employees to prevent such an event from happening again. As part of their response, the management also set out to alleviate the loss of trust and security among employees that has resulted from the incident. [workplace fatality]

Client Goals

The client was determined to create a new safety culture in which all employees would share positive perceptions regarding one another’s wellbeing. A safety culture refers to the ways that a company manages safety in the workplace through its systems and practices. Establishing such a climate has been found to maintain good relations among employees, create a positive attitude towards work and increase company performance. With our recognized experience in establishing safety culture in companies operating in Asia and the Middle East, the client tapped us for our expertise.

Our Solution

Our trademarked programme Awakening the Leader in You™ was utilized according to the client’s unique needs. The customized approach that we offered was appreciated by the client as it differentiated us from other consultants who only presented one-size-fits-all solutions. These eventually prove to be ineffective because they are not adapted according to the distinct context of the problem at hand.

For this challenge, we recognized that such a large-scale behavioural transformation can be accomplished by first creating the desired change in the individual. In the long run, this would lead to an overhaul in the company culture and the organisation as a whole.

Key Focus

We focused on the people and what we could do to bring them from good to great. Our intervention provided the necessary tools and techniques that would allow them to reach their fullest potential. By making people realize their worth as valuable assets to the company, they became more proactive in its development. This included being protective of different aspects of the company, with their co-employees comprising a very significant part of it.

The Results

The remarkable result of our efforts was an overall improved attitude among employees towards safety in the workplace and the interests of others, thereby establishing a safety culture. This complete paradigm shift allowed people to build strong communications and mutual trust with their co-employees, in turn making them more efficient and productive

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