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Kajima – Poh Lian-Bishops Gate

Kajima – Poh Lian-Bishops Gate

The Challenge

Kajima was the developer for high-end luxury apartments in a very exclusive neighborhood. They had engaged Poh Lian, a listed company, as their main contractor. While there were no safety issues, the project was in distress nonetheless.  There were already delays in the project with a very high turnover rate from the side of Poh Lian.

Being specialists in creating positive corporate culture in Asian and Middle Eastern companies, the client sought our assistance to overcome the issues that were threatening the success of the project.

Client Goals

Kajima management wanted to alleviate the delays and loss of time that were occurring in the project. They also wanted to ensure safe operations for all.

The Solution

For this project, we worked very closely with Kajima management. As dictated by our structured consulting approach, we visited the work place several times before formulating a plan of action. We arranged interviews will all of the Poh Lian staff and had detailed discussions with each one to try and identify the root of all their problems. After analysing the issues, we conferred our findings first with Kajima and later with the Poh Lian management.

Kajima still wanted to complete the project. So, we developed facilitation and coaching plans for the Poh Lian staff. We involved the Poh Lian management team to closely supervise their work force.

Key Focus

We worked on targeting individual attitudes and perceptions. By making people personally accountable for their own actions, they no longer require the direct supervision of management to do their jobs well. We also made them realize the benefits of being a good worker who holds sympathy for the welfare of others in the work place.

The Results

The project was eventually completed successfully. There were no more delays that occurred and the turnover rate was lowered. This could definitely be attributed to the work we did with personnel. Kajima management was pleased that we were able to save such a lucrative project from its impending disastrous result.

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