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Encouraging Safe Behavior

Encouraging Safe Behavior

A positive safety culture can only be established when all individuals in an organization exhibit safe behavior. This behavior must be deeply rooted in the employee’s psyche, otherwise, it could be easily altered and corrupted.

The content of the course is informed by theories of human psychology with emphasis on how a person’s behavior can be affected. Learn to uncover the reasons behind undertaking hazardous actions and develop the skills to address common unhealthy practices in the work place.

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Session One: Fundamentals of Human Behavior

  • What is behavior?
  • Identifying the different types of behavior

Session Two: Behavior in Safety

  • Collecting data to identify behavior that influence safety
  • Analyzing data reports
  • Analyzing incident and near miss reports
  • Identifying critical behavior that impact safety performance

Session Three: Causes of Counter-productivity

  • Safety training
  • Incorrect safety training
  • Ineffective motivation posters and slogan messages
  • Theories on reward and punishment

Session Four: Examining Reality

  • Meta-perception and self-appraisal
  • Behavior and actions that discourage safety
  • Consequence management

Session Five: Persuasion

  • Why people do the things they do
  • Why people don’t do the things you want them to
  • Motivating people to want to work
  • Achieving buy-in from all levels
  • Effective and ineffective behavior

Session Six: Where Do We Go From Here?

  • Where do we start?
  • Developing a purpose-driven action behavior modification plan for employees at all levels
  • Long-term sustainability


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