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Health and Safety at Work

What is most important at work? Efficiency, money, good climate, realizing ambitions, friends? Although, these are very important things they would be nothing without two other things: Health and Safety.

Health & Safety law requires employers to look after the health, safety and welfare of employees. Employers are obliged to ensure that the risk of accidents is kept to a minimum. They must also consider others who could be affected by their work, for example clients, contractors and visitors to their premises.

Other employers duties are to identify, assess and control safety risks and writing down the significant findings of their risk assessment if they have five or more employees. As it comes to employees they should have an overall safety program before they started working and while working observe any dangerous situations and report them to supervisors.

Providing a safe working environment doesn’t have to be a difficult or time-consuming exercise, particularly if there are in a low-risk environment. The most important thing is to make safety part of business culture, driven by a commitment from the top of the organization. Not in every workplace there is such thing as ”safety culture”. Mostly because people do not care about it.

There are few levels of risk at work also health and safety consists of different elements. We have a risk of fire, hazardous substances, work at height, noise at work and there might be even problems with water hygiene. The last one only might look very harmlessly but is quite dangerous and complicated problem in reality. Growth of bacteria in building water systems is a common cause of potentially-fatal Legionnaires’ Disease.

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