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Hard work should be rewarded

There are many trainers, training centers and professionals who would say
“Whats wrong if we share training materials?”
“Whats wrong if we take someone elses training and make it available to everyone else?”
“Whats wrong as long as we are in the safety line and training can be used to save someone?”
Well its wrong.
Someone had taken the time to reflect, understand and learn about the issue and develop the solutions.
Yes the developer should benefit for their hard work.
Same for those that have developed equipment, materials or any other product.
You dont go around saying to PPE suppliers or equipment supplies “Its ok to give it away because its saving someones life”
And here’s the thing – if we have developed training materials that have made an impact. Its only fair that we get rewarded so that we can continue turning more ideas into reality.
We are very glad that this case was brought to courts and the people who worked hard got their rewards
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