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Development of a World Class Safety Culture

Institutionalization of HSE-Defined

The simple definition of institutionalized HSE is when a company has “embedded HSE into the way the company does business, e.g., HSE becomes as normal a routine as production and maintenance”. It begins as a concept, which might be loosely defined as a mixture of culture and adopted norms of behaviour. It is a learned behaviour which over time becomes company culture. Institutionalization must be seeded and embedded and will not develop on its own. In short, it is a concept put into action through behavioural modification over time. When fully developed, HSE becomes such a norm that it is no longer considered as a separate task from production or other operations.

Eight (8) Distinct Characteristics of an Institutionalized Organization

This author’s experience has shown that organizations which successfully institutionalize HSE have 8 distinct characteristics:

A. Have good knowledge of HSE:

Everyone in the organisation from the Chief Executive to the shop floor laborer has knowledge of HSE concepts and principles with an emphasis on hazard identification and consequences. Getting to this point means that HSE training has to become part of the corporate training plan. HSE workshops or seminars would be planned and scheduled based upon perceived risks. Everyone from the CEO to the janitor is part of a training program based upon risk and their ability to control them.

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