Transformational Change

Transformational change has an effect on all phases of an organization from the front line employee, facility staff to the external business development team. Even though these positions might not be directly related to the overall business and delivering goods, they are essential in the overall business performance and can have an impact on the

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Safety Culture Major Trait of Safety Leadership

If your vision is to develop a self-sustaining Safety Culture, what are the requisite Safety systems that will support this vision? Are they customized systems based on effective assessment of the workplace? And critically, what are you doing to communicate to the rest of the organization as to what you are trying to accomplish? Just

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Consistency Is the Key to Cultural Change

What is consistency? Consistency is a certain repeatability of behaviour so that people can predict how you are going to respond in any given situation and also know with clarity how they are expected to operate. If culture is largely shaped by people’s expectations around how to behave, consistent leadership behaviour is key. The reality

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