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SAFETY@WORK is a Singapore-based safety consulting firm that provides an array of training programs, management advising and IT solutions to Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Marine, and Construction companies.

“Your best line of safety defense is people”

In 2006, our founder Raj Singh had a vision to share his expertise in creating positive safety culture for organizations in the Energy industry. As a successful businessman himself, he enjoys the challenge of helping individuals and organizations achieve their full potential.

Since our inception, we have become a noted international expert in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East by specializing in engaging workers who are from different countries and are of diverse nationalities.

We fully understand the specific requirements of a multi-ethnic labor force, and our methods are able to transcend cultural boundaries in order to create one unified organizational culture with different people working towards the same, aligned objectives. Today, S@W is an international brand that is recognized and operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Russia and other locations around the world.

Our proven track record in leading top organizations toward their strategic goals can be attributed to our innovative Goal Zero and Beyond™ approach. It involves first analyzing the client’s unique needs before proposing solutions that best fit their particular context and guaranteed to achieve great results.

We strongly believe in Inspiring People and Protecting Lives. We partner with HSE leaders, human resource managers and entrepreneurs across the globe who ask us to help with the improvement of their organizational behavior strategy.

Building a firm foundation for any company revolution lies in the learning and development of its people. We at S@W recognize that once change is created through winning the hearts and minds of individuals, then the organization can begin on its road to success.