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8 Step Formula to Safety Communication Success

When it comes improving the safety culture of your organization, there is only one way you can drive change – communication.

Yet, so many safety leaders have received such little training in how to influence when it comes to safety. Despite this being the absolute key in ensuring a safety workplace.

Too often, safety leaders create boring safety slogans complete with an essay on how to keep safe. Just because they developed all of the processes that people need to do to keep safe, doesn’t actually mean people need to hear all that detail. In fact, part of the problem as to why safety leaders are often poor communicators is that they are too attached to the safety process they created. They want everyone to know every little step and reason about why it’s needed.

But I’ve got news for you. No-one cares. Whenever we write or talk about safety in the hope that people will value our safety knowledge, it backfires.

Humans are driven by self-interest. They want to know “what’s in it for me?”

It’s time that safety communicators (in fact, it’s all workplace communicators) learn to create communication that is written for the listener. That covers what they need to know and is written in a way that the reader wants to read.

After many years of helping companies with their safety communication, what I have discovered is that there are eight essential elements that need to be included for best results.

These elements combine both left brain and right brain information that help readers better process your information.

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