Focus on Leadership and Improve Your Safety Levels

In the quest to improve safety records, organizations often rely on motivational posters, classes or training programs to help teams minimize risk and improve safety performance. However, great safety records are not achieved through these efforts alone. Improving safety requires leadership – organizational leadership at the front lines that is equipped to develop a process-oriented

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Trainer Facilitator Assessor WSQ WDA ACTA

Singapore is a great country with a great number of rules. Most are good. However people have become blind to what is really out there.  Singapore is just a small country with limited resources. Some 10 years ago Singapore Workforce Development Agency WDA developed the Workforce Skills Qualifications WSQ to help train Singapore employees for

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Friendship the key to workplace safety

Friendship the key to workplace safety Award winners Muhammad Ruzaini Abdul Jalil just won the award the Gold Workplace Safety And Health WSH Award for supervisors. This Gold Workplace Safety And Health WSH Award was given out by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation SMF on 3 Jun 2016. Mr Muhammad Ruzaini Jalil believes that the key

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